A Beautiful Love Poem By Parveen Shakir

19 Jul

How to step back, we were within some steps of destination
Our oversight was in advert ant, deserving utmost consideration

My eyes have lowered looks, my lips are all sealed
More than this, I cannot vouch my own admiration

We could not keep pace with our own commitment
We cannot blame the world for their indignation

It may be temple or tavern, candles are incandescent
Our heart is all despondent, we show our desperation

A tear in eye was symbolic of a star in the sky
To discover any galaxy would end in frustration

It is same confused longing, it is same diffused yearning
No high or low day after day, no differentiation


Poet: Parveen Shakir (Pakistan)

Thanks to: Khwaja Tariq Mahmood (Rhythmic Translator)

I found some good love poems for him and I hope you people also like it.


O Himalaya – A beautiful Poem By Allam Iqbal

18 Jul

O Himalaya! O you bulwark of Indian Fortress
Sky is blowing low for your forehead to caress
In you no signs are apparent of ageing or duress
You are youthful ever in the midst of time’s press

Fore Moses, Mount of Tur was a sight to unfold
For others you are awesome, a sight to behold

Mountain range you are in the common parlance
Sentinel you are, an Indian wall of substance
Sky is the title of your book, in itself immense
You beckon human beings with you quiet eminense

Layers of snow betoken a turban of distinction
They rival sun’s incandescent cap with due conviction

Oldest times are full of pride for your ancient past
With clouds like billowing canopies you valleys are overcast
Your peaks are in concert with stratosphere vast
Though rooted to planet earth, you belong to heavenly cast

Your foothills are a source of many a bubbly spring
From their surface wafting winds cooling comfort bring

There is the hand of cloud is given for the aerial steed
A lightning lash from mountain peek to spur and to speed
Are you, O Himalayas! An arena as if decreed
By nature’s hand for natural elements to inbreed

Ah! How the cloud is flying and swaying along in merriment
Fleeing as if an unchained elephant, all in its element

O Himalayas! Relate to us some anecdotes of yore
When our first ancestors were flocking at you door
Of simple life of those days tell us ever more
Not tainted with formalities, simplicity galore

Yes, O imagination, show us the olden ways
O turning wheel of time! Turn to the olden days


Poet: Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Translation by: Khwaja Tariq Mahmood

Inspired by Love Poems Blogger.

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18 Jul

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